i'm bethany i am a tall queer feminist person

GOD i’m wearing a purple & green shirt right now and the colours literally perfectly match the bruise on my face

colour co-ordinating w/ ur injuries, 2014’s hot new trend


the sun’s pretty hot… id fuck it

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cis people: i wont use 'they' pronouns for you because thats not grammatically correct
cis people: transgendered

Adrien Sahores by Justin Wu. I edited this photo.

ahhh my auntie is coming over today to help me pack up the last of my stuff and like…it’s SO sweet of her to offer and i really appreciate it but !! i don’t think she’s gonna be particularly helpful i mean this basically is just a lot of heavy lifting (furniture etc) and as a 4ft 6, 63 year old woman with back problems i doooon’t think that’s what she’s cut out for

i tried to say on the phone that i could get it all done by myself but she’s that kinda Pushy Aunt u feel :/// i do love her lmao she’s just a lil Much sometimes

anyway i’m now trying to get it all done before she gets here because then we can just have a nice afternoon :~) chat and have a good lunch. ya know. and she said she’s bringing me a present (& one from my grössi) for swiss national day today so i’m kinda excited about that!! i’m 97% sure it’ll be chocolate & other foods yaaay